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Types of Lavender

Lavender comes in a plethora of varieties. Some are purple, pink, and even white.


  • Lavandin Grosso -  Rich in essential oils making it perfect for dried lavender bud for aromatherapy or dried bundle, mid-summer blooms depending on your location

  • Lavandin Provence - Sweet scent a lovely addition to dried Grosso lavender bud, we use Provence in Cedarbook's Signature Lavender Blend. Blooms in late summer depending on your location.

  • Angustifolia Royal Velvet - Marcella's favorite, beautiful as a dried bundle or for culinary use, blooms early spring or summer depending on your location

  • Angustifolia Folgate - Premium culinary, usually one of the first lavender to bloom

  • Angustifolia Melissa - Early bloomer with white flowers that mature to a delicate pink

  • Otto Quast - Ornamental stoecha lavender (sometimes called Spanish) lovely purple head with lighter purple brachts, blooms a good share of the year, the blooms take a break when it's real warm out or gets very cold

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