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Filled with Organic Flax seed and Cedarbrook Signature Lavender Blend, this eye pillow can be heated or frozen to provide some much needed stress relief, and to soothe the eyes. Made right in our Sequim workshop in an assortment of colors and textures.  We have two Types of Lavender Eye Pillows to choose from:

1.)  Our Basic Lavender Eye PIllow, which comes in a variety of lavender print fabric and is filled with our Signature Lavender blend and Organic Falx Seed.

2.). Our Premium Lavender Eye Pillow, which comes in a beautiful Premium lavender or dark purple satin material and has the traditional eye pillow shape.  This luxury eye pillow has a Removable outer cover that can be taken off and washed!  This pillow is made with our siganture Lavender Blend and Organic Flax! 

What a Great Way to Relax!


Lavender Eye Pillows


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